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Letter to Our Listeners

Dear Friend,


This past year has been one of reflection at WEKU. Some of the questions we've considered are; "What are we doing to make a difference in our community?" and "Are we doing enough to deepen our listeners' understanding of the world?" As a means of finding some answers, we began a process of defining our place in the region and with our listeners. It has been a remarkable journey which has led us to some important determinations concerning our programming. Because you have been a key supporter, we wanted you to know first of the result of our decisions and the actions that we are about to take.


On August 1, 2010 WEKU will adjust our program schedule to better reflect the needs and interests of our community. Most significantly, we are adding news and talk programming each weekday from 10 am to 3 pm. We will make other weekend changes as well. The full schedule is online at


Our decision to change programming has not been taken lightly. In August 2009, WEKU added BBC Newshour and Fresh Air with Terry Gross. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in listeners and contributions in support of our news and talk format, while contributions and listening to our classical music have continued in decline.


Incorporating your feedback from our listener surveys and community meetings, WEKU is redefining our place in the community. We are reallocating our resources to support news and information programming from both national and regional sources. We are partnering with our colleagues at Louisville’s NPR station, WFPL, to bring issues of the Commonwealth to you every day in a meaningful way.


One basic principle of radio is to have a unified format. To date WEKU has been able to serve two distinct programming streams - news and music - with some success. However, these program streams have distinct audiences. Our listeners often tell us, “Why don’t you play more classical music?”, or, conversely, “Why don’t we have good NPR shows like ‘On Point’ or ‘This American Life’?” We have come to realize that while many of you continue to listen – usually to one stream or the other - the majority does not prefer the mixed format as it is being presented today.


While our presentation of classical music is changing, our commitment to serving its audience has not. We are actively seeking community partners to help us fund a new fine-arts music station on the regular FM band. Michael Carter will move to mornings on our online stream WEKU Music (formerly WEKU2). We also are dedicating Monday evening to a new program highlighting high-quality performances from local artists and venues around Kentucky (Kentucky On Stage) and will be expanding our operatic offerings from seasonal (the Met) to year-round (NPR’s World of Opera).


We recognize that these are changes of consequence and we hope and trust that you will continue to offer your support and feedback as we look to make WEKU an indispensible listening experience.


Sincerely yours,

Roger Duvall, Station Manager and Director   

Keith Neisler, Asst. Manager and Program Director


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